Td5 VGT uprated turbocharger – includes boost box

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Direct Replacement VGT Turbo for the Td5 powered Land Rovers.

Includes turbo boost control unit.

Standard, fixed geometry turbo design is always a compromise. Engines need a small turbo for fast spool-up and improved throttle response (reduced turbo-lag) but the small compressor size does not allow enough flow for anything beyond mid-range revs. So a larger turbo is required for mid-range and higher revs and increased flow, but this leads to increased lag at the low end.

The VGT – Variable Geometry turbocharger acts like a small turbo initially then alters geometry to increase flow in higher revs, giving an improved spread of power across the rev range. Td5 VGT units use a special actuator operated by boost pressure to control the vane angle.

Our VGT is designed to be a direct replacement for the original requiring no mods to the car.

Power is improved throughout the rev range but particularly in the lower and mid-range revs.

Turbo lag is often reduced and compliments any other tuning such as an uprated intercooler.

The kit is supplied complete with oil drain gasket, studs and new oil feed pipe.

Also supplied is a turbo boost control unit to correct ECU overboost faults.

To get the best from the turbo it is beneficial to use a specific map but improvements in driveability will be seen with any map or even standard tuning assuming a healthy engine.

The following must be considered prior to installing an after-market turbo charger –

An uprated intercooler must be used along with – Fresh oil, filter, feed and drain connections. If the engine has been rebuilt or the turbo has previously failed, at least two complete engine flush processes must be undertaken. Oil pressure must be checked and verified as correct and the original cause of failure ascertained and rectified.

The aftermarket turbo charger must be installed by a professional mechanic.

Non-restrictive intake system – we advise against the use of a raised or nonstandard air intake.  Please note – any restriction to the air intake on performance turbos will invalidate warranty. This can include raised air intakes.

Correctly sized exhaust system – either restrictive or too little back pressure can cause problems with uprated turbos and can invalidate warranty.

Please also see our listing for improved flow exhaust manifolds, gasket sets and other exhaust components.

Note that the turbo is likely to sound different to standard units and you will need to bypass the boost modulator on Discovery models

As this is a non-standard turbo, Turbo Technics offer a limited warranty of 3 months. Full terms available on request.


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12 reviews for Td5 VGT uprated turbocharger – includes boost box

  1. Peter Calland

    I own a 300tdi Defender which I my opinion seemed to be lacking power I do realise that they were never intended to be a quick vehicle they were never built for that purpose. However it was decided an Allisport full width intercooler and VNT turbo would help with the breathing. The pump was adjusted following the instructions given with the intercooler. When fitting the turbo the snorkel was kept but supplemented with a secondary air feed via an air box fitted under the off side wing top vent. 75mm piping being used to connect to the existing air filter housing a k&n filter. This has totally transformed the way the defender performs under load the exhaust gas temperature never gets above 350c. There’s no black smoke out the exhaust and I can now pass thing in total confidence and that’s something I could definitely not do prior to fitting the above kit. To summarise it’s easy to fit anyone with mechanical skills should have no problems the bullhorns can be a bit awkward to remove from the old unit but the rest straight forward. This is long forgotten when you are behind the wheel in a totally transformed machine.

  2. Phillip knechtel (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit!

  3. John Munro (verified owner)

    The td5 130 with the canopy on the back was lacking a bit of low down grunt, the vgt turbo with a better air filter box and the computer remapped, has really put this 130 in a different league. It’s used for both work and pleasure and next week it will be hauling our 40ft Honeybee Header north to Merriwagga, to prepar for the coming harvest. Very happy so far.

  4. Phill knechtel (verified owner)

    Brilliant in my defender 110 td5. With other upgrades including Allisport intercooler and remap have made it a beastly!!

  5. Fabian

    Makes the TD5 better !
    Better torque at low rpm und fantastic power at mid and higher rpm.
    No smoke and a gives a healthy feeling . I drive the Setup with 200 hp

  6. matthew Zeitsch

    Awesome bit of kit, easy install, great quality and buckets of power now. Great for towing and torque at all rpm.

  7. Tony (verified owner)

    I own a defender TD5 130 which is used for long outback trips, towing a 28 foot trailer sailer and moderately challenging 4WD tracks. When I first purchased it, it had been chipped by the original owner and an updated transfer case with a1.222 ratio. It was difficult to drive slowly and would stall out easily. Power would not come in till about 1900rpm. Had good power once the turbo started to work.
    Improvements have been in stages. First a full width intercooler and egr blank kit were fitted. Some mods on mounting brackets had to be done and the air conditioner piping needed to be rerouted a little. Power now came in at 1800rpm and there was a substantial gain in hp, noticed that a new air filter always made a difference. Final mods included long branch exhaust manifold, high flow air filter, aluminium inlet manifold, VGT turbo with over boost box and a rechip add-on box. Improvements were significant. Power now comes in at 1500rpm, the turbo spins up quickly to 15psi without much throttle. Torque is excellent and towing the 28ft trailer sailer is easy being able to easily keep up with traffic. On its own it cruises at 100km/h at 2000rpm 5th gear. 5th gear can be engaged slightly under 80km/h and will effectively pull from there. It is only out performed in acceleration by 4WDs with larger capacity engines. Fuel consumption is between 8&9 km/litre around town and towing, but will probably be around 10 to 11 litres per 100km on a long trip. No visible black smoke on acceleration and power output is estimated at about 210hp. The chip box delivers good usable power being able to remain in 4th gear in 60 km/h zones. Overall the installation /modifications were easy to to do if you have some mechanical background. All the manifold, turbo, air box and inlet pieces fitted as they should only needing a small realignment of the oil return pipe from the turbo. A couple of pointers, I found it better to use the harder oil return pipe gasket that comes in the standard kit. You will need to purchase a piece of silicon turbo hose to join the aluminium inlet pipe to the turbo. AliSport were very helpful with any queries that I had. The Defender 130 is now a very powerful unit with excellent torque a pleasure to drive, it just wants to go as soon as soon as it hits 1500rpm. Very pleased with the outcome.

  8. Harald Tangvold

    Hi. Owner of a 110 td5 2003 mod. The car was remapped up to about 150 hp by a previous owner. A couple of years ago I fried the ECU and the replacement I found was original. Bought a remap from another company and all I got was smoke!! up to mid 2000. Was said to be around 190 hp but no torque on low revs. Car just been driven in short periode since, due to new engine head, new clutch, transferbox upgrade, new diff, some welding, new brake disks, pistons, bearings +++++++. No back on the road with a new VGT turbo, new intercooler and remap from allisport. So far works great, more responsive on low revs, more torque, no smoke, still some fine tuning to do,but very satisfied. Very positiv and helpful guys and ladies at allisport.
    I Live in Norway.

  9. Diego Navarro (verified owner)

    The Ali Sport’s turbo improved the low end power of my Defender 110 Crew substantially. At high altitude (3,000 meter over the sea level) I could get boost pressure staring at 2000 RPM, before that figure was 3000 RPM. At sea level the improvement was really notorious even without the high performance charge air cooler installed. The top boost pressure is less than before, (13 PSI vs. 15 PSA at 3000 meters) but without detriment to general performance of the vehicle.

  10. Thorsteinn Thorgeirsson

    Great product and service. I have map, intercooler and turbine from AlliSport in my defender which is modified for 44” tiers. Mostly used in snow and rough conditions. Great power and amazing torque.

  11. Fontanelli Giacomo (verified owner)

    Kit favoloso e molto funzionale, la mia Defender td5 130 è molto cambiata e molto piacevole da guidare

  12. Walter Jones

    Just installed the vgt turbo in my Defender 90 300tdi. Easy install with no modifications needed. The performance upgrade was significant, Well worth it. Thanks Allisport!

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