Perfect fit; as an Engineer I give the utmost respect to those who can produce something from a drawing that is bang on.

Rick Mann, International Off Road Race Driver

Bespoke radiator for Dirtstar off road race car

Hi Andrew!

Just a update: I finally have installed the turbocharger this week, it’s amazing! There is no turbo lag anymore, very cool. I had to make some minor adjustments to fit it on Brazilian 300tdi, and I would like to share with you what I learned, in order you can advise further buyers from Brazil.

– We have a different oil feed pipe that uses a banjo bolt on both sides
– The exhaust connection is the same, but about to 10cm shorter; It was easy to solve welding a pipe to make it longer.
– Our 300tdi is not fitted with EGT, so the blanking plate ERR4698 is required
– Finally, as we already knew, the exhaust manifold is very different, and the “bull horns” are required to be purchased together.

I’m very satisfied, and I hope you could sell many others to Brazil, I will certainly recommend your products.

Rafael Batiati - Brazil

Defender 300 Tdi / International Maxion HSD 2.5

Just to let you know. VNT turbo up and running. Fitted with your full length intercooler. Totally transformed the old defender well worth the expense and effort.


Defender 110 300 Tdi

Well we’re 2000km in to our big trip now, best part of 4000km Perth to Port Headland and back and what a difference it has made. No need to plan, and time to overtake the road trains even with the trailer. We’re keen to see what an exhaust and intercooler would do for it. It’s how it should have come from the factory. Awesome!

Emrys - Australia

Defender 2.2 Tune Module

You guys are awesome. How the hell, my item shipped from you guys in the UK to the west coast of the US in 3 days. The welds are gorgeous btw.

Steel - USA

2003 Land Rover Discovery

I fitted your normal direct replacement intercooler and Cooling Rad in my current vehicle and have be very happy so far. The cooling rad is by far the best investment for a working 300 TDI here in Africa, I wanted the same as it just drops straight in and cowling goes back on and looks standard.

Ollie - Namibia

300 Tdi 110

A few months ago I bought a VNT turbocharger Turbo Direct Replacement, an intercooler and a high performance radiator for Land Rover Defender.

I sent my mechanic to make adjustments and change the fuel pump, as you advised me.
That solved the problem and was very impressed with the incredible rise of engine power of my Defender. The performance surpassed the expectations that you write on your website.

Congratulations to ALLISPORT and his team of engineers and business.

Andrew - Brazil

Defender 90 300Tdi

Just to let you know the rad you built for my Carlton GSI fits like a factory original. As requested I’ve attached a few photos of the rad in place. Have given the car a good test drive today all is well.

No oil or water leaks and the fan cuts in and out as it should. I must say I’m very pleased with what you and your team there have put together for me and must thank you all for your efforts. I’m now looking forward to fitting my Corsair back together when my engine is ready. I’m sure the rad you built for this car will fit and do as good a job as the one in my Carlton.

Keep up the good work Andrew and if I or anybody else I know needs a quality aluminium rad made I will put them in touch with you with high recommendation.

Lee Shadbolt

Carlton GSI

Just to let you know I had the Double Inter-cooler fitted to my Defender 300Tdi Defender and it is brilliant! Noticeable performance improvement. Gigglepin 4×4 were first class. Many thanks!

Ron Huggins

Defender 300 Tdi

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. Even though you’re 6000 kms away, it felt like dealing with a local shop as you were always accessible and responded very quickly to all my questions.
The shipping was much faster than expected, and arrived at my mechanics shop in Canada about 5 days after I ordered it.

When the intercooler arrived, my mechanic actually took the time to call me to tell me how well it was packaged and said that they were making jokes around the shop saying things like that if there were a nuclear war, that it would be the only thing to survive. It was so well packaged that it probably could have just been thrown from the plane and would have arrived undamaged.
The instructions were clear and easy to follow and I really liked the way you included all the additional instructions about how to tune the fuel pump.

As far as performance, it was more than I hoped for. My Defender 110 has 280,000 kms on it and it would top out at about 120 kmph. After the install, it easily pulls consistently all the way to 140 kmph, and the only reason I stopped it there is because the rev’s got to high. Around town the added “pull” I get is very noticeable, and on the highway I can now easily overtake and pass another car. Its like driving a whole new truck.

I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and the value for the added performance. It’s by far the best upgrade I’ve done on my truck, and I’ll be sharing my enthusiasm about it with my fellow rover owners in the off-road club I belong too.

I highly recommend this product.

Brad - Canada

Defender 300 Tdi

Just a short note to say thank you for the service you provided. I fitted the manifold over the weekend with no problem at all. This should now resolve my ‘warping issues’ for good, keep up the good work….


Discovery Td5

I wanted to thank you for your fantastic products that I received today from the ricardo of offroadprojects who has also been a spectacular person, continue like this!

thank you very much

Andre Pereira - Portugal

Land Rover Discovery 300 Tdi radiator

I uploaded this tune into the 2000 Defender we have been having all the performance issues with and it was vastly improved and our client is very happy. Thank You.

Don MacDonald - Canada

Defender Td5, Rovalution Automotive

The intercooler is in my home !!! I’m very happy. Very good product. It looks great!

Thanks for your management and thank you very much for the explanation.. AlliSport products are considered the best in the world. I’m glad to know that the business is going well. When I have it installed, I will send you photos.

Thank you!!!

Luke Laithwaite - Venezuela

Defender 2.2

I recently ordered an exhaust manifold for the Discovery Td5 exhaust manifold  which I ordered on a Monday arrived the following Tuesday, very efficient. I now have the manifold fitted and turbo lag has reduced especially when motor is warm and motor appears smoother. I am assuming and hoping no more warping issues.

Thank you for your efficient service.

Rob - Adelaide, South Australia

Discovery Td5

Just like to thank yourself and all the team at AlliSport for helping me with my project and the customer service you have given me has been second to none! Wherever possible I will recommend you and your company ! Very excited to receive all my parts! Thanks again

Geoff - UK

Def 200

Just wanted to say that I am absolutely blown away by the quality of your products. The welds are like porn =)

I was also very impressed by the incredible effort that you put into the packaging. The products were fully protected and arrived unscathed. I can’t wait to get them installed!

Nick - Israel

The oil cooler performs like a charm. I have been crossing the Pyrenees and the northern mountains of Portugal including some off-roading and never has the temperature increased. The tunnel in the car feels a lot cooler and the shifting behaviour seems to be more smooth. Thanks.

Oscar - Netherlands


Purchased one your firm’s intercoolers a while back. Some of neatest work we’ve ever seen in our workshop. Well Done! Now looking to replace the radiator in my Defender Td5 and your Al Direct Replacement radiator looks perfect.

John - Australia

Defender Td5

intercooler arrived today safe and sound. Thanks for the great service! I wish I could weld like you do, the thing looks too nice to hide behind the air conditioner.

Nick - Australia

Defender Td5

I ended up getting my truck dyno tuned. I did not have any data for before the modifications, but wow…what a difference! See attached dyno graph. EGT’s are now 50 degrees cooler. Truck is a 1998 Defender 130 HCPU, weighing it at nearly 3 tons and running 285/75 16 Mickey Thompson MTZ tyres on 16 x 8 steel rims, factory turbo, silicone hoses and your intercooler.

Feels like a totally different truck to drive. More power, much smoother and better pedal response.

Thanks heaps

Andrew Whittaker

Defender 130 HCPU

All the parts arrived a month ago all ok. Everything has been installed in my Defender and all running great. I would personally like to thank you for your professional business. From Communication, to Fabrication and Logistics of your Products to Aus. I am impressed with the Quality of TIG Welding and Workmanship, which are second to none

Chris Scicluna - Australia

Defender 300 Tdi.

I received the AS19 intercooler today. This being well in advance of even the projected dispatch date of 03/02/2015. The packing was extremely thorough, the best I have ever seen. Hence the part has arrived in good order and condition. The intercooler itself is such a work of art; the workmanship is faultless. It’s a shame it will be hidden from view.

My thanks to you and Allisport for your assistance and service, plus my compliments on a beautifully produced and finished product. I am now looking forward to fitting it to my vehicle to test it, as soon as possible.

Douglas Jorgensen - Australia

AS19 intercooler

I have a 300 tdi 130 weighs in at nearly 3 ton due to the extras.

After fitting your intercooler and a new radiator and messing with the fuel pump as per the instructions, my 130 lump now needs wings… The performance is way more than I expected. 0-60 is at least twice as fast and I have not pushed to top end yet. The intercooler is expensive but so worth the money once you get in and drive.

Thank you guys.


Defender 300 Tdi

Just a short note to say thank you for the service you provided. I fitted the manifold over the weekend with no problem at all. This should now resolve my ‘warping issues’ for good, keep up the good work….


Discovery Td5

Just a note to thanks you for a fantastic product, well worth the wait, finally got the new intercooler and radiator along with the VGT turbo fitted, wow what a difference, engine runs cooler even with a ambient temp of 35 deg, she goes like a rocket, its great to see other drivers reaction of disbelief ! …. a Land Rover so fast.

Thanks again.

Andrew - Malaysia

Defender 2.4 Puma