Fitting Instructions

Here you can find fitting instructions for various products. If you have bought one of our products and have a question about installation, please contact us

AS112 - Air Con

Defender Tdci 2.4/2.2 & TD5 Uprated intercooler fitting guide for vehicles with AC.

AS92 Fitting guide

ASTU06 Fitting guide

AS80 heater matrix fitting images

Nanocom TD5 map file transfer guide

Guide for transferring your standard map file and programming our tuned file

AS112 - NON Air Con

Defender TD5 & Tdci Uprated intercooler fitting guide for NON AC vehicles.

AS04 Defender Tdi Large intercooler fitting guide

Electric fan thermostat wiring guide

AS25 AS29 Fitting guide

AlliSport Double-Core uprated intercooler fitting notes.

AS32 Fitting guide

AS51 Fast Road intercooler

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