VNT Turbos

Standard, fixed geometry turbo design is always a compromise.

Engines need a small turbo for fast spool-up and improved throttle response (reduced turbo-lag) but the small compressor size does not allow enough flow for anything beyond mid-range revs. So a larger turbo is required for mid-range and higher revs and increased flow, but this leads to increased lag at the low end.

The VNT or VVT – Variable Vane turbocharger acts like a small turbo initially then alters geometry to increase flow in higher revs, giving an improved spread of power across the rev range.

Our VNT is designed to be a direct replacement for the original requiring no mods to the car. Power is improved throughout the rev range but particularly in the lower and mid-range revs. Turbo lag is reduced, and compliments any other tuning such as the uprated intercooler and remap.

The kit is supplied complete with all gaskets required to complete the installation.

We strongly recommend an uprated intercooler is installed prior to fitting an uprated turbo and fresh oil and filter must be used at the time of installation.

We offer kits for the following vehicles – 200 Tdi Defender, 300 Tdi, Td5, 2.4 Puma

To get the best from the turbo on electronically controlled cars, it is beneficial to use a specific map but improvements in driveability will be seen with any map or even standard tuning.

Td5 Models are supplied with a boost control module.