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and aluminium


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New L.I.F.T.

This new design allows for greater flexibility
and strength to an already top notch product

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Our precision manufacturing
offers greater cooling capacity
and will allow up to 27% increase
in power and torque.

About AlliSport

AlliSport are a leading supplier of performance upgrades and aluminium fabrication specialising in Turbo Diesel vehicles. Our products are designed and fabricated in-house combining high performance specification with excellent build quality.

We are industry leaders, supplying top tuning companies worldwide. AlliSport products are regularly developed and used in events such as the Dakar rally. We are happy to build bespoke products to your specification so why not get in touch?

Latest News

All the parts arrived a month ago all ok. Everything has been installed in my Defender and all running great. I would personally like to thank you for your professional business. From Communication, to Fabrication and Logistics of your Products to Aus. I am impressed with the Quality of TIG Welding and Workmanship, which are second to none.

Chris Scicluna - Australia

Defender 300 Tdi.

Finally got a chance to fit up the Vnt turbo and intercooler, and the results are outstanding! Even after adjusting the A/F ratio cone to its full amount (as per the sheet provided) it still runs lower EGT’s than standard and doesn’t blow any black smoke at all. Very pleased all in all.

Ben - Australia

300 Tdi VNT Turbo and Double Core intercooler

Purchased one your firm’s intercoolers a while back. Some of neatest work we’ve ever seen in our workshop. Well Done!

John - Australia

Defender TD5

Incredible! It’s a whole new vehicle. best £400 I’ve ever spent on a car, and I’ve yet to do the hoses!


Defender 300 Tdi

A short note of appreciation for the extra mile that you went to ensure I received the Intercooler for my Defender 2.4 in South Africa. You provide a service to standards that are rare to find nowadays. The workmanship and quality of your product speaks for itself.

Errol - South Africa

Defender 300 Tdi.

I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and the value for the added performance. It’s by far the best upgrade I’ve done on my truck, and I’ll be sharing my enthusiasm about it with my fellow rover owners in the off-road club I belong too.

Brad - Canada

Defender 2.4

We proudly sponsor…

Carta Rallye 2014
Ultra 4 - Europe 6
King Of The Valleys
Welsh Hill Rally 2015