alloy radiators

It is worth remembering that a third of the engines power can be converted into heat energy and any increase in engine power from tuning will result in an increase in heat output that will need to be accommodated by the cooling system. A rule of thumb; 30% more power output equates to 30% more heat output.

Aluminium radiators can provide over 50% more cooling and are often considerably lighter than traditional copper and brass radiator construction. The primary factor with an alloy radiator is highly efficient heat rejection and weight over longevity. However we have been producing radiators for many years for many uses.

Technically, it is possible to calculate the optimal radiator size for any application. As an example if the flow of a radiator was 165l / min, 30 degrees ambient and 70mph, we can achieve around 45kw heat rejection. Unfortunately, when applied to a car’s far from optimal operating conditions, these figures are next to impossible to calculate!

Our radiators are constructed using highly efficient controlled atmosphere brazed cores and are fully TIG welded by hand in house. All our radiators are pressure tested prior to dispatch. 

Our cores are designed with special internal “turbulators” to increase the cooling surface area and are available in in various thicknesses from 22mm to 100mm.

We build our radiators without the use of epoxy type glues. This is a crucial factor when comparing various methods of build design as epoxy acts as an insulator, thus reducing the efficiency of the radiator.

Another factor affecting radiator efficiency is the fin density or FPI (fins per inch). Our standard is 12 FPI which we find to be ideal for most applications where vehicles are likely to be used on and off road. However we are able to produce 8-22 FPI so please let us know your application. We would advise a higher fin density for road or track car for instance.

We can tailor a radiator design to suit your requirements, whether classic car, hill climb, sprint or track, Touring Car, WRX or off road Dakar rally!

Many well known small volume and competition vehicle manufacturers use our radiators from Ariel, Historic Rally car constructors, Rally Raid, Tomcat Motorsport and Off Road Armoury not forgetting Team Gigglepin and Milner Off Road.

We also supply World Rally Cross teams, a Time Attack team running a 1000+ bhp Evo, Formula Ford and a specialist pre war Alvis restoration company plus many others.