Performance intercoolers & Charge Coolers

The majority of our extensive experience has been gained dealing with Land Rover turbo diesel products, but we offer intercooler and performance upgrades for Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and many other 4×4’s, camper vans and cars.

Our design and manufacturing skills are further enhanced by our involvement in many forms of motorsport from the Dakar Rally and tractor pulling to World Rallycross and Time Attack, race track cars and motorcycles.

This means products are tested in the most extreme conditions allowing every product to be as efficient and durable as possible.

We offer high performance traditional air to air intercoolers but we also produce water to air Charge Cooler systems.

AlliSport intercooler cores use the highest efficiency construction – the Atmospheric Controlled Brazing process and are all TIG welded by hand in house.

Our special internal “turbulator” fin creates a turbulent flow inside the core making the most efficient heat rejection possible. We can offer specific fin pitches for the external and internal fins.

We are able to manufacture an intercooler or charge cooler system to suit your project, with cores ranging from 30mm to 110mm deep and almost any tube length and stack height.

We are always developing our manufacturing processes and refining the designs to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

We also stock silicone hoses and alloy bends and connectors in many sizes and shapes meaning we are able to offer custom installations.

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