NEW LIFT technology intercooler for Defender TD5, 2.2, 2.4 TDCi

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New ultra efficient uprated intercooler for Defender Td5, 2.4 and 2.2 Tdci models, featuring our new L.I.F.T (Louvered Internal Fin Technology) hi-flow core design for ultimate reliability and efficiency.

Lifetime warranty!

Designed and manufactured in England

Our latest Defender intercooler is the culmination of many years of development, now redesigned upon the introduction of the 2.2 Tdci motor, to cope with the increased stresses caused by modern turbo chargers.

Andrew made his first Td5 Defender intercooler early in 1999 on one of the first cars to be modified (which by the way is still in use with its original intercooler)
Now designed on Solid Works, with Laser cut end tanks and mounting brackets, CNC folded and TIG welded individually by hand in house.

Our design uses high grade 5000 Series  sheet metal tanks folded from a single piece to eliminate splitting. This design is lighter and more efficient than the heavy cast models on the market. Lighter weight means better heat rejection, as there is less material to act as an insulator meaning less heat soak and better recovery times in between boost cycles.

Despite specialising in intercooler manufacture for over 18 years, we have had our design independently tested in the UK against various designs on the market, including cast designs from around the world.
This tightly controlled rigorous independent testing consists of a program of individual tests including heat rejection, efficiency, high pressure test cycles, pressure drop, charge air flow and air flow over the core externally. Results are derived from the average of at least 10 readings per condition.
Each unit undergoes final inspection and pressure test, before being dated ready for dispatch around the world. You will notice all our intercoolers are plain aluminium with no coating. This is because coating acts as an insulator reducing efficiency, plus we pride ourselves in the finish of our products and have no need to cover up any substandard workmanship.
Along with many other products we manufacture, all AlliSport intercoolers are covered by a lifetime warranty – we are so confident this is the best Defender intercooler available today.

We have taken a great deal of time to ensure these intercoolers are easy to fit, a simple replacement for all Defender Td5, 2.4 and 2.2 Tdci models with or without air conditioning. Designed to fit using the original boost hoses. Supplied with fitting guide.

The increased cooling capacity together with the appropriate electronic tuning can allow 2.2 Tdci power output to be increased to over 180bhp with a similar 35% torque increase. Fuel economy improves by, on average 10% with a reduction in cylinder head thermal stress. Thermal stress is actually reduced as the EGT or combustion temperature is reduced dramatically. Power and torque can be increased further with special turbos and improved air flow products.

We also offer in house ECU remapping / rechipping and we stock plug-in tuning modules and performance turbo chargers. Please search the website for more of our top quality products, or send us an email for further information and advice.

Please see some in house manufacturing videos here –

Laser nesting program

Posted by AlliSport on Thursday, 23 February 2017

End tank laser cutting

Posted by AlliSport on Thursday, 23 February 2017

Welding an end tank

Posted by AlliSport on Thursday, 23 February 2017

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1 review for NEW LIFT technology intercooler for Defender TD5, 2.2, 2.4 TDCi

  1. Mr Gordon

    Beautifully made and surprisingly easy to fit even for a novice like myself.

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