NEW LIFT-Pro technology intercooler for Defender TD5, 2.2, 2.4 TDCi

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AlliSport are excited to introduce our latest ultra efficient uprated intercooler for Defender Td5, 2.4 and 2.2 Tdci models; from 1999 to end of production

Featuring our special L.I.F.T (Louvered Internal Fin Technology) Hi-Flow core design for ultimate reliability and efficiency.

Lifetime warranty!

Along with many other products we manufacture, all AlliSport intercoolers are covered by a lifetime warranty – we are so confident this is the best Defender intercooler available today.
Copied, but never bettered, our 2020-Pro version is further revised and improved with stronger design and improved air flow.

Substantially larger and more efficient than the original crimped end tank design which is prone to corrosion and splitting.

Easy to install – using the original pipe connections, with only very minor modifications required to install. Also suitable for cars fitted with Air Con. *see note below

Each unit undergoes final inspection and pressure test to over 30 psi under water, before being dated ready and packed for dispatch around the world. During our design process, we tested the product to over 120 psi with no failures.

This core size is capable of cooling over 600 bhp, as proven on our customers World Rally Cross, Rally Raid and Gymkhana cars.

We conceived our original design early in 1999 on one of the first TD5 Defenders to be modified (which by the way is still in use with its original intercooler!)
Now, completely designed on Solid Works, with Laser cut end tanks and mounting brackets, CNC folded and TIG welded individually by hand in house.

Our design uses high grade 5000 Series sheet metal end tanks, folded from a single piece to eliminate splitting.

This design is lighter and more efficient than the heavy cast models on the market.
Lighter weight means better heat rejection, as there is less material to act as an insulator meaning less heat soak and better recovery times in between boost cycles.

Despite specialising in intercooler manufacture for over two decades, we have had our design independently tested in the UK against various designs on the market, including heavy cast designs from the UK and around the world.
This independent testing consists of a program of tightly controlled tests including heat rejection, efficiency, recovery, high pressure test cycles, pressure drop, charge air flow and air flow over the core externally. Results are derived from the average of at least 10 readings per condition.

You will notice all our intercoolers are plain aluminium with no coating.
This is because any coating acts as an insulator thus reducing efficiency, plus we pride ourselves in the finish of our products and have no need to cover up any substandard finish!

We have taken a great deal of time to ensure these intercoolers are easy to fit; a simple replacement for all Defender Td5, 2.4 and 2.2 Tdci models with or without air conditioning.

* some Australian spec TD5 Defenders were fitted with AC by the importing dealer. These are not LR systems and can vary, so please check with us first for fitting advice!

The increased cooling capacity together with the appropriate electronic tuning can typically allow at least 45% power improvement, with a similar torque increase.
Fuel economy improves by, on average 10% with a reduction in cylinder head thermal stress. Thermal stress is actually reduced as the EGT or combustion temperature is reduced dramatically. Power and torque can be increased further with special turbos and improved air flow products.

We also offer in house ECU remapping / re-chipping and stock performance turbo chargers. Please search the website for more of our top quality products, or send us an email for further information and advice.

Please see some in house manufacturing videos here –

Laser nesting program

Posted by AlliSport on Thursday, 23 February 2017

End tank laser cutting

Posted by AlliSport on Thursday, 23 February 2017

Welding an end tank

Posted by AlliSport on Thursday, 23 February 2017

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22 reviews for NEW LIFT-Pro technology intercooler for Defender TD5, 2.2, 2.4 TDCi

  1. Mr Gordon

    Beautifully made and surprisingly easy to fit even for a novice like myself.

  2. Per-Gunnar Johansson

    This intercooler is a real piece of art and the size is impressive. It covers the entire front of my Defender Td5. Fitting was no problem. Some manual reading and preparations and the intercooler just drop into place. In combination with the silicon turbo hoses the change in driving response was significant. With the snorkel removed the change is remarkable. Acceleration and turbo response up to 120 km/hour is just pure joy and still without tuning. Thanks, Andrew, for your professional advice.

  3. Charlie

    I contacted Andrew asking for an intercooler for my Td5 and received a swift response. He was then able to send out an intercooler, with next day delivery, before the end of the same week. I have just fitted it to my vehicle and I’m sure that the engine picks up better than it did beforehand. Since I already run my Td5 with a remap, I now know I have that extra security of the larger intercooler and the ability for some more power in the future. A definite must for anyone looking to improve the Defender!

  4. Lieven / LRC-Motors

    Top quality products and perfect service!
    Can’t go for a better option then the Allisport products, only the best is good enough!
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Emma

    Massive thanks to Andrew for managing to sort me a new intercooler out so quickly excellent customer service. He got this to me after my standard intercooler failed on me. The difference this has made is night and day and the car isn’t even remapped yet.

  6. Ken Graham

    Hi Andrew,

    Finally making time to get back to you on the Defender remap.

    As we previously discussed Land Rover didn’t make a very good job of the Puma engine management for the Defender ! the power delivery in standard trim is a tad lame and as we have both experienced.

    My two previous Defender 90’s 2012 & 2013 were purchased new and there you are restricted having to watch what you do with the warranty, both of these vehicles suffered intolerable stutters which made the power delivery during take away very unpleasant, it was incredibly funny watching the dealer principal trying to drive them.

    Not having the restrictions of the factory warranty on the current vehicle I tried to get my head around what was actually happening with this very restricted engine setup, having made the purchase from Dick Lovett you would have thought it would have been very well prepared ! not the case. It immediately required the wheels balancing / tracking / suspension bushes and so on.

    Having changed the oil and filter, firstly your intercooler was fitted and straight away the engine was happier and it could breathe and the response under load was already a noticeable improvement (very highly recommended fitment) then the drive down south to visit yourself and a trip/purchase well worthwhile, not a very exciting drive at the best of times and especially in a Defender ! but the noticeable improvement after the remap I could only describe as perfect. Yes it’s not an all out performance vehicle or for that matter a “remap” designed with only performance in mind. What your remap provides is a solution to all of the previously endured issues of poor performance, power delivery, stutters and even engine noise. First/second/third being as low geared as they are, the main improvement there is controlling the delivery and the ability to pull away without the standard flat response ( good result ) fourth/fifth/sixth the remap comes into its own with torque and power available from 1500rpm through to 2500rpm and above ! but the ability to use this new rev range allows controlled and progressive acceleration and the ability to enjoy road and motorway driving with the comfort and ease to overtake without running out of steam.

    Fiona has always enjoyed driving the Defender very much, and now even more so now after Allisport intercooler and remap have made it not only a fun car to drive but at last a pleasure to drive. ( loosely translated means I don’t swear at it with frustration now)

    Thanking you very much for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Ken Graham.

  7. Chris Rundlett (verified owner)

    It took me a while to get around to installing the inter cooler as I had several other projects going on. It did look great sitting on the shelf in my office! Finally got around to it and did a re-map at the same time. I am very happy with the results! Fits great, looks great and combined with the other mods I did to my 2.4 Puma, it is putting out very acceptable level of power now. I would definitely recommend this product! Also – the service from AlliSport has always been great!

  8. Kirk Semler

    Ok so the intercooler is just stunning (like really nice)… fits easily… and works a treat… but that’s not what sold me on Allisport. It’s the customer service,

    You have not experienced customer service until you’ve bought an Allisport part. The team at Allisport just go all out to make sure you have great service. I’m pretty sure if they could fly out and fit the part for you they would, on the weekend, and probably then cook you dinner afterwards.

    Will be at the top of my list of parts suppliers for a long time.

  9. Marucs Williams

    Amazing product as usual from Allisport, level of detail and fitment is superb!

    Yes you do have to trim a very small piece of plastic off the radiator to get it to fit but this is because it is over sized and you do with any aftermarket Intercooler brand you buy. We reccomend this intercooler for all our BMW 3.0D M57 conversions into Defenders as Allisport are the only company I contacted who would guarantee the intercooler even though it is not the factory engine in the vehicle, this says a lot to me.

    Worth noting from someone who has fitted several other makes of these over the years to Td5 vehicles, other aftermarket makes do seem awkward to get the boost hoses on especially if you you use thicker silicone hoses as the pipes are too close to the radiator cut outs. These guys seem to have checked fitment with thicker hoses ect and every Intercooler from Allisport I have fitted just gives that little bit more area around the radiator to allow the hose clip past making fitment easier than other brands I have used.

    Its the little things like this why I always reccomend Allisport as the first choice product!

  10. James Sims

    2005 Defender TD5
    I’m really pleased with the upgrades to my vehicle by Allisport. They remapped, fitted an intercooler, EGR blank and high efficiency air filter. The improvement in performance and drive-ability is brilliant. Great service from initial contact and enquiry to fitment! A happy customer and would recommend to others.

  11. Expedition Rove

    The first thing you will notice when unboxing is just how well made this thing is, the craftsmanship is like artwork!!

    Set aside a cupel of hours to fit, and as long as you go to the instructions the install will go smoothly, even for a low level YouTube qualified mechanic like myself.

    I only run a standard map with a EGR blank and de-cat, but I noticed straight away as I pulled off on a test run that the Landy has more poke and seemed to pull up the steep hills better.

    Overall I’m over the moon with this upgrade and I’d highly recommend it!

  12. Eythor Logi Thorsteinsson

    Highly recommend. The quality of the craftmanship is extremely good. Easy to install and straight away you notice a big difference in the torque. I fitted this intercooler in my Td5 Defender 90 before getting the Stage 2 remap and even with the stanard map there was a big difference in the torque when pulling away and also when towing.

    I am really happu with this upgrade and I definitely recommend it!

  13. Eduardo Fernandez

    Hi Andrew & Neil,

    I want to say that the new Intercooler is installed, when I took it out of the box it didn’t look like an Intercooler more like a Piece of Art

    Puma 110 2.4 TDCi
    Dominican Republic

  14. Maxence

    Amazing build !
    The welds are beautiful…
    When I opened my parcel I said : whaaooo
    Really great !!!
    This year « LF37 » from France built me a new race truck.
    So I had to fit the best intercooler !
    Thank you Allisport… You are the best !!!

  15. Alan James Taylor (verified owner)

    I was expecting great things after the new intercooler was fitted the grin is permanent what a difference like I’d had a new power plant fitted! Astounding every drive is pleasure! Fitted perfectly straight out the box

  16. steve BIGNELL (verified owner)

    Just another excellent product from Allisport, fitted in no time, excellent performance and looks really good as well. Great customer service as always.

  17. Justin 130 Aus

    First off Allisport’s customer service and correspondence was 1st class!!!
    The workmanship, from overall design to welds is second to none in my opinion.
    So yes, the legends are true…

    Installation was a breeze, thanks to the info found on the “product info” tab/page.

    Andrew and Neil, keep up the great work as ill be singing the praises of Allisport’s products every chance i get over here in AUS.

  18. Garett S

    I purchased this Intercooler for my 2.4 puma defender. Along with new boost hoses, a full exhaust and a BAS tune and RRC module through Allisport.

    I live in Melbourne Australia and I can only say the experience was exceptional. Even though I am half way around the world it seemed as though I received the same customer service I would have received had I brought my car to the work shop.

    All the parts are exceptional and the build quality is second to none. My defender feels incredible with the upgrades and Andrew and the team were happy to answer questions no matter how simple they seemed.

    Highly recommend. And thanks again

  19. Brian (verified owner)

    Thanks Andrew and the team.

    Recently bought one of these intercoolers to replace the oooold one that my TD5 came with. It’s the same dimensions as the old one, but I can already feel the change within the drive.

    The part arrived only a couple of days after ordering online and fitting it myself was easy (I’m no mechanic, by a stretch).

    I’d also like to say thanks to Andrew personally for his guidance and advice. Andrew not only advised me on making sure I chose the right product, he also saved me ££ in advising me to only purchase what was needed and then see how the truck ran after the new part had been installed. Can’t say fairer than that!

    I’ll certainly be buying future products from AlliSport.

    Cheers guys

  20. Joe Musgrave

    I contacted Andrew about heat issues with my TDCI and general enquiries.

    He was more than happy to discuss and talk through various options with me and I had many questions! All of which were answered swiftly.

    They have fitted a beautiful intercooler done a map and changed out a few hoses and it’s night and day different.

    I cannot thank the team at allisport enough for their swift and simply brilliant customer service.

  21. Marc (verified owner)

    great quality parts and very professional service, top.

  22. Will Gresswell (verified owner)

    Very well made product and replaced a competitors cheaper ‘uprated’ intercooler that split within 3 months of recieving it. It fitted easily, the instructions were clear and the intercooler is extremely well made with pukka welding. I am using this along with a hybrid turbo and a remap from empire tuning and to use my mechanics words – ‘it goes like a ####### rocket!’

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