Land Rover Td5 EGR Removal Kit

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EGR Removal Kit suitable for Defender and Discovery Td5.

Lifetime warranty

Please choose from the option above for early models (up to 2001) or late models (2001 to 2006).

Early version is not suitable to fit later models with EGR cooler

We recommend blanking the exhaust gasses at the last connection at the EGR cooler on the front of the cylinder head. This means it is not necessary to remove the bolts in the exhaust manifold. Extra plates available if you wish to remove the whole EGR pipe system

Manufactured in our UK workshop, supplied with Lifetime Warranty.

CNC milled 6mm aluminium mounting flange, kit includes 6mm stainless steel laser cut blanking plate and inlet gasket.

Removal of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is widely recognised as a simple and effective method of improving the efficiency of a turbo diesel engine.  The EGR allows hot, used gases back into the engine and can cause excessive black smoke and lack of power. Cool air is fundamental for efficient, clean combustion and power!

Original manufacturers replacement EGR valves are expensive and likely to fail again.

Our EGR bypass system not only stops the hot, second – hand air entering the engine, but also removes the restriction caused by the original EGR set up, which is considerable particularly on later engines.

The AlliSport design of EGR valve bypass does not interfere with the engine ECU systems, and will not cause any warning lights to illuminate.

Manufactured with special swaged end to stop pipes slipping off under boost pressure.


Early Models (up to 2001):
Fitting is simple as it is a direct replacement for original EGR valve. All connections are as standard and this kit blanks the gas flow. Does not require any extra components such as exhaust blank plate.

Late Models (2001 – 2006):
Simple to install – replace EGR valve with the AS12-L replacement and connect the vacuum pipes together. Install the stainless steel blank plate on the heat exchanger. No need to remove any other EGR related components.


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Early model (up to 2001), Late model (2001 to 2006)

18 reviews for Land Rover Td5 EGR Removal Kit

  1. Rob Moss

    Brilliant EGR removal kit from Allisport! I bought this one rather than the traditional kit since it doesn’t involve removing the pipe from the EGR to the exhaust manifold therefore you don’t run the risk of snapping bolts in warped manifolds. The design of the EGR blank is great, its made so easy to fit by anyone in such a little amount of time (took me 20 mins and I’m no professional!), it is machined and welded to perfection – the craftsmanship is exceptional , it fits straight in place of the old EGR, the pip fits straight on the bottom using the original clamp and the lead fits on a nipple on top as well so there is no need of trimming or cutting anything. Ive already seen the benefits of blanking the EGR, the acceleration is hugely improved and the engine revs much smoother throughout the gears with minimal turbo lag. This is the only EGR blanking kit I’ve found which doesn’t involve blanking the exhaust manifold which was a big concern of mine. At such a competitive price it really is worth every penny, especially for an instant improvement.

  2. Edward Johansson (verified owner)

    The product is good. But there were No Instructions i.e. what wires to disconect after the kit has been ftted. Also no blanking plates for the egr cooler. which I don’t know if are necessary actually but would have made for a neat job. I’m happy with the end result though, good fit and swift delivery.

    • Andrew Graham

      Hi Edward, thank you for your feedback. We advise blanking the EGR at the cooler which means you do not have to remove the bolts from the manifold which are prone to breaking. We generally leave all wires connected unless you are removing the EGR solenoid system completely. Let us know if we can help further.

  3. Anthony Owen

    Well designed high quality product that was really easy to fit

  4. Tor Oskar (verified owner)

    Easy to fit, but forgot to use shorter bolts. The treads almost ruined….my fault. Can recommend this product.

    • Andrew Graham

      Hi Tor, thank you for your feedback. Generally there is no need to change bolt length, so it may be you have non standard, longer bolts? Let us know if we can help further.

  5. Martin Sutton (verified owner)

    Good quality product, easy to fit and works well

  6. Kris Chorley (verified owner)

    Great product, well made and looks great. Fitted easy.

  7. Cyril (verified owner)

    très facile à poser et de très bonne qualité, évite de déposer la durite rigide qui peut poser certains problèmes à cause de l’oxydation des vis qui peuvent casser.
    Je recommande, c’est la façon la plus simple d’enlever l’EGR.

  8. Mark Eagle

    Looks good and a doddle to fit. I’m a muppet and even I fitted it in minutes!

  9. Scott Thornhill

    The quality of kit is great. The welds are like artwork! It’s almost too pretty to install and get all dirty. Lol Andrew has been great to deal with, very responsive and helpful in getting me the correct part and answering all the questions I had. They have insured I will be a lifelong customer. Buy with confidence, these guys are great

  10. Robert Dorum (verified owner)

    Easy to install and no need for struggling with the manifold bolts

  11. James Sims

    2005 Defender TD5
    I’m really pleased with the upgrades to my vehicle by Allisport. They remapped, fitted an intercooler, EGR blank and high efficiency air filter. The improvement in performance and drive-ability is brilliant. Great service from initial contact and enquiry to fitment! A happy customer and would recommend to others.

  12. Mike H (verified owner)

    Discovery TD5
    Great kit, really nicely made. I have the later model TD5 so had to blank the EGR cooler with the plate provided and join the two vacuum hoses together which is all clearly explained with pictures to follow in the instructions provided. A simple swap that took 15 minutes. Couldn’t be happier.

  13. Ryan Wierckx (verified owner)

    Great kit, a little tough to align the exhaust tube and get the bolts in, but simple enough. Great fit on my 2000 TD5 Defender. No complaints

  14. Yves (verified owner)

    Produit top et facile à monter. J’ai mis environ 20 minutes.

  15. Jack Higgins (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Quick and easy to install – I don’t see why you would bother with any other EGR blank.

  16. Ben Day

    Spot on!, such a simple bit of kit. I was toying with the idea of taking the bolts out of the manifold of which one came out nicely but the bottom bolt wasn’t having any of it. So I bottled it and done it back uptight, then ordered this one instead of a cheap fifteen quider off ebay. Pefectly scaled welds and best of all made in Britain, money well spent!. Shame about the ridiculous delivery costs though, can’t have it all I suppose.

  17. Dominic (verified owner)

    Beautifully made and easy to fit.

  18. Richard Morris (verified owner)

    Nice EGR removal kit. Was fitted fine and works as expected. A noticeable performance improvement. I give it only 4 stars because the gasket supplied for the EGR/manifold was the wrong one. AlliSport did send me the right one when prompted, by which time I had used some liquid gasket sealant I had to hand anyway. But if removing the EGR damages the old gasket and they send the wrong gasket to you, it might be a problem for you.

    • Andrew Graham

      Thank you for your feedback. We send out a lot of parts and sometimes mistakes can happen but we rely on feedback to learn and improve 🙂

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