Defender 2.2 Tdci hybrid VGT turbocharger

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Uprated replacement hybrid VGT turbo for Land Rover Defender 2.2 Tdci .

The Turbo Technics Hybrid VGT is designed to be a direct replacement for the original requiring no mods to the car other than ECU mapping.

The new design and construction of the compressor and exhaust turbine help to reduce “lag”. The compressor is also larger meaning greater flow, improving mid range and higher revs.

Overall driveability is improved and compliments any other tuning such as an uprated intercooler or exhaust mods.

The kit is supplied complete with all gaskets required to complete the installation.

It is essential to have a specific ECU map to allow the ECU to deal with the higher boost pressure and volume of air. We can offer in house OBD remapping, or we are able to offer a remote remap device.

The following must be considered prior to installing an after-market turbo charger –

This price is based on an exchange for your old turbo. You will need to ship this to us in advance, otherwise we offer a surcharge option of £500 (+ VAT if applicable) refunded on receipt of your replacement unit.

The original unit needs to be in good working order so please make sure it is packed well when you ship it to us. If it is not in good working order or it has been damaged in transit, then it is unlikely to be accepted and the surcharge will be payable.

An uprated intercooler must be used along with – Fresh oil, filter, feed and drain connections. If the engine has been rebuilt or the turbo has previously failed, at least two complete engine flush processes must be undertaken. Oil pressure must be checked and verified as correct and the original cause of failure ascertained and rectified.

The aftermarket turbo charger must be installed by a professional mechanic.

Non-restrictive intake system – we advise against the use of a raised or nonstandard air intake.  Please note – any restriction to the air intake on performance turbos will invalidate warranty. This can include raised air intakes.

Correctly sized exhaust system – either restrictive or too little back pressure can cause problems with uprated turbos and can invalidate warranty.

Please also see our listing for improved flow exhaust manifolds and exhaust components.

Note that the turbo is likely to sound different to standard units

As this is a non-standard turbo, Turbo Technics offer a limited warranty of 3 months. Full terms available on request.

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3 Month Warranty

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