Td5 ECU remap for Defender / Discovery – developed with TD5inside

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The Td5 engine responds well to tuning and our bespoke remapping helps increase the vehicle flexibility and overall drivability as well as increasing power & torque and in most circumstances, improved fuel economy.

Land Rover claimed power output of 120bhp can be increased dramatically, giving the vehicle improved towing ability, improved response and most importantly making your can more fun to drive!

We program each car individually to suit the level of modification and customer requirement with bespoke maps developed with TD5 Inside to compliment our products.

We offer various methods of remapping your ECU –

– First is to bring your car to our workshop in Herefordshire.
We undertake basic diagnostic checks prior to tuning so we can advise of anything likely to impact performance.
We then read and modify the ECU program, rewrite to the car and thoroughly test before you drive home. Please allow around 2-3 hours.

– Second is suitable if you have a Nanocom diagnostic tool; we can email tuned maps for you to program to your car.

– Third is to send us your ECU for us to program, allow a few days turnaround.

– Fourth is we offer a “plug and play” replacement ECU with tuned file (subject to availability)

Note – 1999 to 2001 models with ECU part number starting MSB will require ECU re-chip rather than remap unless you wish to purchase a later ECU.

Later flashable ECU models have part number beginning NNN.
Our maps are developed in conjunction with Td5 Inside

We generally prefer not to describe levels of tune as “stages” as we tailor an individual tune to suit your needs.
However, typical examples are as follows –

Stage 1 – a mild tune where no other modifications have been made to the car – around 150bhp, improved response and flexibility.

Stage 2 – in conjunction with uprated intercooler, EGR and good air filter – around 180bhp, greatly improved drivability combined with improved economy provided by the intercooler. Ideal for every day use and towing

Stage 3 – modified and competition cars – around 210bhp, hybrid turbo, special intake and exhaust system.

Stage 4 – highly modified competition cars up to 250bhp!

It is essential the vehicle is 100% healthy and has been well maintained to provide optimum performance. We would expect regular servicing, clean air filter, non restrictive air intake and exhaust etc.
We strongly advise installing an uprated intercooler to prolong engine life and improve performance.

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16 reviews for Td5 ECU remap for Defender / Discovery – developed with TD5inside

  1. Rovalution Automotive

    I uploaded this tune into the 2000 Defender we have been having all the performance issues with and it was vastly improved and our client is very happy.

    Thank You

  2. Michael Troup

    I’ve put around 800 miles on the 130 with the new map and am very pleased. Towing the Tomcat was so much easier. There is almost no smoke and it is a lot smoother, more drivable and flexible.
    Thanks again for the map, I will be back in touch to get the 110 done.

  3. Andrew matthews

    Just received my ecu back from Andy with a fresh Remap, as the old map I had from another tuning company was not good at all. My 110 was sluggish, very harsh and just didn’t run very well at all.

    But now with the new map it’s a totally different car. It pulls smoothly right though the Rev range and has plenty of power which has made towing and general driving a dream.

    I’ve had lots of allisport products over the years and have always loved them as the quality is always outstanding.

    I’ve had one of there intercoolers and turbo hose kits one my car now almost 10 years and it’s still going strong.

    I can’t recommend Andy and his team highly enough.

    Outstanding service and quality!!

  4. Phill Everall

    This is an essential part of unlocking the Td5 engine. More torque and performance with immediate response through the entire rev range. This will transform your driving experience. Tailored to your needs for everyday driving of the vehicle, and a must have when considering any performance upgrades. Probably the single best improvement you can make for the least amount of money. Very recommended.

  5. Michael Hands

    I was in two minds if to purchase a level one remap, thought it was a lot of money for a bit of softwear. How glad I am I did. I am a grown man and I could not stop giggling. It really does make a difference to the low down torque, which is purfect for the us I have of towing and low speed winter driving in snow. Thanks Allisport, really happy with this product. Andrew was especially helpful.

  6. Michael Hands

    Additional feedback. So after using the defender with the level one remap for a few days now I have notice an improvement in the fuel consumption, which I put down to more power for less right foot. Also I am able to summit a local hill in 5th now, without changing down. So even more happy with the results. The only thing I have noticed if a push of black smoke when I accelerate aggressively, which is no surprise.

  7. James Sims

    2005 Defender TD5
    I’m really pleased with the upgrades to my vehicle by Allisport. They remapped, fitted an intercooler, EGR blank and high efficiency air filter. The improvement in performance and drive-ability is brilliant. Great service from initial contact and enquiry to fitment! A happy customer and would recommend to others.

  8. Scott Vaughan (verified owner)

    WOW! The disco TD5 is a whole new beast, eats up hills like they are not there! Locking it up from the lights it spins the wheels and boost comes on hard and strong. It’s not very smoky either under full throttle which is great. Great work team!

    Highly recommend doing this, I Ordered this tune from Australia to flash with my own NANO and the guys were great and helped with my questions. For us aussies wanting a tune this is a great way to do it, highly recommend.

  9. Adam Dorahy

    I highly recommend this remap. I had a different company tune and was not overly happy with it. Spoke with Andrew about a tune and Andrew came up with a new tune. The Alisport tune is far superior with delivery of power smooth through the complete rev range and more power as well. Cannot recommend enough.

  10. Andrew Prior (verified owner)

    absolutely recommend getting a remap with these guys,Best Bang for Buck out there. Andrew was very helpful and i went for a stage 2 OMG initial reaction was the horsepower had just doubled – well at least it felt that way. It used be sluggish, off the line struggled at 110kmh and hills were a nightmare. Not anymore! never thought I’d call a Discovery quick

  11. Eythor Logi Thorsteinsson

    What a huge difference this made on my 2002 90 td5. Can not recommend this highly enough, completely transforms the driving experience. I went with a Stage 2 remap paired with the uprated Intercooler and EGR Blank and the car is a completely different machine. Huge, huge difference in both torque and power. Before I had the map and intercooler fitted the car really struggled with towing a small caravan up hills where I had to gear down to 4th (and even sometimes 3rd) now it tows with a breeze and overtakes other cars in 5th gear without suffering. Just overall huge difference and makes the car feel much lighter and quirkier, 10/10 recommend!

  12. Scott Palmer

    Absolutely changed the way it drives. So much smoother. Much more power. I put my foot down and I get power and little noise where I used to get noise and little power. Very happy.

  13. Daniele

    to have my defender td5 130 fit exactly to my needs I made many upgrades. certainly the most striking and satisfying was the purchase of the intercooler, beautiful, impeccably built and map for VGT
    I wanted a lot of power (about 195bhp) and torque(about 42kg/m) at low revs and that’s exactly what it is.
    in some situations he smokes a little but I was aware of it.
    for the rest what to say … starts well has no uncertainties the car remained very drivable but with a fast and exuberant response it looks like a 4-cylinder
    I am
    fully satisfied with my purchase

  14. Richard Murphy

    The stage 2 remap has completely transformed my TD5 defender. Smooth acceleration through all the gears and no smoke. Would highly recommend this to anyone with a TD5. Absolutely fantastic service from the team at AlliSport

  15. Daniel Feuz (verified owner)

    The Td5 remapping was a wonderful Christmas present. The Defender drives like a rally car, much more power and torque. Unbelievable what you get out of the Td5 engine. Thank you Andrew for the support over the Christmas period. Excellent support!

  16. Daniele

    after about a year that I’ve been using this map for tgv td5 I’m still fully satisfied everything is perfect, in winter it starts first time even in very cold weather. it seems that my 130 was born like this. certainly the pressure is very high and the engine needs to be maintained very well but, with an allysport intercooler and good maintenance everything works perfectly. a bomb!

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